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In order to let more consumers experience the shock of the sensory limit, Martell NCF held an NCF party in Taipei OMNI, and invited the world-renowned DJ Firebeatz, who is popular in the electronic music industry, to tease your five senses with Martell NCF. Make this unprecedented electronic music party high to the highest point, and even more money to build the "NCF Sidecar" mobile bartender car, the side car is converted into a dazzling, fashionable and novel mobile bartender car, and dazzling and eye-catching bartending props "Frozen Ice Bomb" blooms with ice blue light in the dark, and you can enjoy the exclusive special tone with just one pull. Then, a series of NCF parties were held at Taipei Room18, Taipei Barcode and Taichung Rave. The elements of light, cool and music were used to show a brilliant new vision, allowing handsome men and women to challenge the limits of their senses and experience a different auditory and visual double impact feast. .

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