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MARTELL - The Lion Choir led by Martell NCF X Xiao Jingteng presents a new interpretation of the classics


The long-established Cognac family in France, Martell, has been adhering to the spirit of inheriting the classics and being brave to explore and constantly innovating for 300 years. A revolutionary chill-filtered cognac [Martell NCF]. This wine fully demonstrates the spirit of classic new interpretation. The innovative taste combined with the eye-catching and fashionable bottle vision brings a new feeling of New Cool Fun to Taiwanese consumers, leading Cognac to a new realm and setting a benchmark in the industry. Martell NCF, in order to fully convey the spirit of active and new concept to consumers, invited the Lions Choir, which jumped to the Chinese-language Xintian troupe as soon as the film was released, as the spokesperson. , to interpret the new classic with the spirit of New Cool Fun, cool play and light rock style. I believe that once it is launched, it will be able to overturn everyone's sensory limits!

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