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ABERLOUR Voice-O-Graph


Able Voice-O-Graph vinyl recording booth records your music, stories, and even love messages directly to the vinyl turntable, leaving the sound temperature that belongs to you, completely presented across time and space, perfectly preserved, and the feeling is only black The realism of the original sound that the glue can reflect. Abel's winemaking process is like a Voice-O-Graph vinyl recording booth, recording and capturing the current state of time and environment, giving the work a unique taste. Three vinyl players of different eras were displayed on the spot, allowing consumers to experience the sound and appearance of different machines, just like whiskey stored in different oak barrels, each carrying the soul of its unique flavor; at the same time, Abel also invited Shen Hongyuan, the producer and host of "Taipei Jazz Night" by Philharmonic Radio, has selected 3 jazz songs suitable for Aberdeen single malt Scotch whisky, so that you can relax and immerse yourself in the leisurely melody while drinking.

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