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THE GLENLIVET - Window Design

"Glenway Excellence Golden Sherry Cask 12 Years" is the first time that the chief winemaker of Glenlivet, Alan Winchester, has carefully crafted the ultimate wine for the Asian market. It is based on American oak barrels aged more than 12 years , and then blended into the wine aged in high-quality sherry barrels for more than 12 years, which perfectly combines the most representative "Speyside flower and fruity aroma" of Glenlivet with "Sherry mellow style". The taste is rich and rich in layers. For the 12-year-old Jinzhi masterpiece of Glenlivet. The main elements of this window are wooden barrels and golden tones, and the 12-year-old rich aroma of Glenlivet's Excellence Golden Sherry barrels is presented by blasting the wooden barrels.

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