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MARTELL - single estate

The French Cognac family - Martell lights up Taiwan's annual culinary event - 2017 Asian Chef Summit held an After Party at Orchid Restaurant, with the theme of French Kiss, in a fashionable space with high ceilings and high-color projections , a crossover collaboration between well-known DJ Andrew and Bartender Darren to perform "Four Hands Playing Together", performing Western dynamic electronic music combined with Eastern Guzheng, Guqin and other tunes. Walking into the venue is like being in the flower capital of Paris, which is full of art and fashion. It is like the welcome area of the super-speed heavy machine in the street scene of the movie. There are all kinds of ingenious and all-encompassing props, such as romantic balloons and wreaths, and unique style copper-gold sunglasses. , berets, as well as a variety of funny beards and sexy red lips, etc., all echo the theme of the event French Kiss, the pictures of handsome men and beautiful women are happy and wanton, leaving a sweet and irresistible image in front of the cotton candy machine. Illuminated by the dazzling bottle of Martell NCF Cognac, the scene became more and more beautiful as the night went on.

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