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​Exhibition Assassin Art Essence

With the evolution of generations, tattoos have gradually been accepted by the society and become a cultural art. When tattoos are combined with other industries, the artistic or commercial value brought by them should not be underestimated. Hollywood's royal tattoo artist - Ajahn Nuganpei came to Taiwan this time, and specially invited Taiwan's well-known contemporary artist - Huang Zanlun, mixed-race handsome model tattoo artist - Tyler Rosso Luo Yutang, and Seiko Gao Shiwei, who is good at making totems into high-quality products. Three professionals from different fields gathered at the BELLAVITA Gallery in Taipei to have a cross-border cultural cooperation, artistic exchange and talk. We hope that everyone will be able to discuss the impact of tattooing on people's daily life with a positive and kind attitude. significance. ​

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