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ROLLS ROYCE - Bespoke Design


This customized car "The Blue Magpie Phantom Drophead Coupe" specified by the Taiwanese car owner was customized with the Phatom Drophead Coupe as the base model, and it took a year to discuss and finalize it and build it. The overall line of the body alone shows the characteristics of copying racing boats and sailing boats. The canopy, which took 70 hours to make by hand, can be opened and closed in 25 seconds, and is neatly stored under the delicate teak cover. Car owners who like to feel the beauty of the mountains and forests even spend more money on ordering a four-person picnic box that is hand-made by the original factory. Made of high-end materials such as teak, polished aluminum and saddle leather. "The Blue Magpie Phantom Drophead Coupe" gave a more convincing demonstration of the customization capabilities of "Bespoke", the customization department of Rolls-Royce. After all, as the original factory emphasized: "True luxury and value cannot be measured by money, and the process of building your dream car from scratch is such a valuable experience."

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