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MARTELL - La French Touch

The first audio-visual interactive installation art in Taiwan is created in the proportion of the limited bottle, using the image commonly used in Etienne performances - neon squares to construct a dynamic stage, set off the new limited bottle, flashing blue neon light, in the light interweaving and Under the vibration, create a new wave like electric shock; just touch the screen of the device to create your own French electronic music rhythm, and at the same time with the dynamic radiation of neon beams, you can immediately feel the double shock of audio and video brought by the French sound wave. "French Touch - Chaoyin Touch Party" combines avant-garde fashion and visual art to bring an unprecedented experience. The trendy DJ plays French electronic music with a unique style, bringing the atmosphere to the highest point. Martell Laser Girl's "Laser Shadow Dance" will make people even more dazzling. The eye-catching neon lines construct a neon fashion space intertwined with the luminous special tone of Martell-Masters, making people feel the dynamic charm of the French trend as if they were in a French trendy nightclub!

FLOT Design - La French Touch Party
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