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ROYAL SALUTE - Forbidden City Wine Tasting

In order to reflect the rich matching between tea and wine, the Royal Salute held another ten wine tasting sessions in the quiet Forbidden City Zhishan Garden, where tea was served with wine. Five different whiskeys are paired with Alishan Zhulu Jinxuan, Muzha Zhengjian Tieguanyin, Yunnan Pu'er, Alishan Xiaocha black tea, and Hsinchu Emei Oriental Beauty. The tea soup is carefully selected at the most correct temperature. table, and then the brand ambassador Rax Ho carefully guides the guests. The decoration on the dining table uses a lot of flowers to echo the aroma of the wine, and in order to reflect the integration of the classical Chinese atmosphere of the Zhishan Garden of the Forbidden City and Western-style wine, porcelain candlesticks and candles are specially selected to complement the visual and taste senses.

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