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Triumph - 50th Anniversary

Triumph celebrates its 50th anniversary in Taiwan this year. In 1968, it was the first brand to introduce high-end underwear to Taiwan, bringing a revolutionary change in the choice of underwear for Taiwanese women. Through continuous research and innovation, women's curves have become the perfect fashion trend. Triumph took the lead in marketing underwear in the fashion of fashion, and introduced world-class underwear dynamic shows, which caused an epoch-making impact on Taiwan's underwear industry. With the professionalism of international brands, it is closely related to the local pulse, combined with years of professional experience and attentive understanding of Taiwanese women. According to the body shape and needs, we will continue to provide women with better inner enjoyment through innovation, so that women can confidently exude their personality from the inside out. The brand focuses on the design changes and historical photo archives of underwear in Taiwan in the past half century, showing the essence of Taiwan Triumph over the past 50 years without reservation and proudly, and showing the three sub-brands ESSENCE, FLORALE and Triaction. Characteristic, showing the attentive and meticulous care for women of every age group and ethnic group.

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