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​installation art-Pan Anshu

In order to fulfill corporate social responsibility and combine local cooperation, private enterprise Taiwan Pernod Ricard Co., Ltd. painted the recycled wine bottles on June 7, 107, and combined with solar panels to generate electricity to become an environmentally friendly wine bottle lamp, incarnating as a wine bottle lamp. A beautiful "Pan'an tree". After the coordination and arrangement of the New Taipei City Government, it is currently displayed at the entrance of the Xindian Sunshine Sports Park. The "safe bottle" symbolizes the concept of "safety", and promotes the concept of environmental protection, enhances the public's awareness of environmental protection, and enables the sustainable use of the earth's resources. Welcome to the public. Appreciate, light up peace. The main structure of "Ping An Tree" is made of discarded steel bars. It is an installation art during the day. When the Ping An tree lights up at night, it can also improve the night lighting of the riverside park and increase the safety of tourists. It can be said that it has both aesthetic creativity and sustainable operation of green energy power generation environment.

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