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ABERLOUR - Announce

The process of making single malt Scotch whisky is regarded as a traditional craft, and it has been continuously adjusted and refined for a hundred years. The "Abel Distillery", which can be regarded as the world's single malt whisky expert, has accumulated rich production experience and achieved its difficult Superseded maven status. In order to let Taiwanese whisky connoisseurs feel the connoisseur spirit of continuous exploration of "ABERLOUR single malt whisky", we specially transplanted the atmosphere of ABERLOUR distillery and the tasting room of the distillery to the Huashan Cultural and Creative Park in Taipei, and invited connoisseurs from all walks of life to join us. Gather together to witness the legendary charm of Abel. Among them, the most famous "double barrel aging" process is still unmatched. The wines aged in Spanish sherry barrels and American bourbon barrels are found for them by winemakers with rich winemaking experience. The most perfect way to combine, and then placed in Spanish sherry barrels for final aging. It's like carrying two completely different souls, but they don't have any touch at all. They each show their best side, presenting a rich fruity aroma and a mellow taste for Abel, which makes people drink it and marvel at it. This is the main reason why Aberdeen is known as a "single malt whisky expert"!

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