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ABERLOUR-ABERLOUR "Special Exhibition of Collections"


Three ingenious processes achieve the beauty of hand-printed photos and Aberdeen; hand-printed photos and Aberdeen whisky, seemingly unrelated, are perfectly connected due to the exquisite craftsmanship hidden in them. In the production process, the enlargement steps of hand-printed photos are similar to the fermentation process of winemaking; developing and fixing and distillation, the former directly affects the thickness and contrast of the photos, and the latter depends on the aroma and fineness of the whisky through the distiller; and washing and aging are both The final process of deciding whether a photo or finished whisky is good or not. The pros and cons of hand-printed photos lie in the craftsmanship of the hand, just as the Aberdeen distillery has a wealth of experience to brew a stunning whisky. On the spot, customers can experience the atmosphere and value of traditional craftsmanship, and a slightly drunk journey dedicated to intellectual and young people. In the strong retro environment of the antique camera display, through the process of hand-printing photos step by step, I carefully feel the beauty of handicrafts, and finally meet the inexplicable emotion of the birth of the finished photo. The ingenuity that nurtures these fine wines.

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